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Brown & Company - User Opinions and Reviews

"Look out Brownco service is gone! Get out before E-Trade screws you over as they did with Harris Direct customers."
Greg Kuhn - Missouri, USA (Mar-2006)

"I use BrownCo and Scottrade. BrownCo is outstanding as a day trader. They give excellent, quick fills at better prices. Scottrade is only good for long-term investments, because they give very poor fills (only quick if they can make the spread)."
Greg Kuhn - Missouri, USA (May-2005)

"Has gone from one of the best to one of the worst since J.P. Morgan took them over. For the 2nd year in a row I have spent weeks trying to get an accurate 1099 from them. They insist on reporting dividends as interest and can't get to anyone of authority to get corrected. Customer Service friendly but totally useless."
Patrick Hill - Georgia, USA (Mar-2005)

"I use both BrownCo and Scottrade. Both provide good technical support. Both require that you know what you are doing in the stock market. Very satisfied with both in their execution of trades."
Sam Maxam - California, USA (Sep-2004)

"No complaints. Price is right, website functional, service good."
Spence Lloyd - Florida, USA (Jan-2004)

"Attempting to establish an account for an investment club with a 65K portfolio was an exercise in frustration. After 2 months of trying to fulfill all of Brown Co's added requirements our club gave up and opened a Scottrade account in about 1 week."
Leonard Douglass - Michigan, USA (Dec-2003)

"I have been trying to open an investment club account with Brown & Co for over a month now. How do you say dysfunctional? They keep finding new reasons not to process our paperwork. We are well past the highly frustrated level."
Leonard Douglass - Michigan, USA (Oct-2003)

"Great company to deal with. Website is a bit slower than most, but trading is simple. Whenever I had a question/problem, a Brown rep promptly and courteously assisted me. And at $5/trade... I give 'em 5 Stars."
James Heath - USA (Oct-2003)

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"Scottrade's system is great if you only want to buy stocks and sell covered calls. I use Brown to sell puts to get a lower cost basis on stocks that I think are undervalued. Scottrade needs to start allowing clients to sell naked puts."
Richard James - Massachusetts, USA (Sep-2003)

"For a knowledgeable investor, there is no broker better than BrownCo!"
Donald R - Florida, USA (Sep-2003)

"Brown & Co (BrownCo) offers $5 market and $10 GTC orders. You can invest and make money here."
James Gross - New Jersey, USA (Jun-2003)

"Don't understand option spreads. They were asking for margin on a bull call spread. Switched to OptionsXpress. Great with options."
Patty Haltmar - Texas, USA (Dec-2002)

"I was told at one point that brown is not set up for dividend reinvestment. this policy should be changed."
Deborah Schiavoni - New York, USA (Dec-2002)

"I have been trying to contact BrownCo through the 'Contact Us' page on the net but cannot get the appropriate page to appear. Very annoying. I want to inquire about opening a 'Dogs' account but wonder if this technical difficulty is a sign that I should find another broker."
Mike Cleere - Indonesia (Mar-2002)

"I have been with BrownCo for 4 years now. The online trading experience has been quite good, except for the last two weeks. Now I am unable to connect on and off for last two days and their technical department is 'working on it', I am told. I trade 10-15 times a day. I may have to switch to another broker for good."
Pradip Shah - New York, USA (Oct-2000)