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Drive Cleaner Software

If you are looking for software to help you clean your computer drives of computer porn and other pornographic material, a number of new products have come to the fore. These products allow scanning of hard drives for pornographic material, and inappropriate behaviour including internet activity.

The first drive cleaner we found is Snitch. This product appears to have been around for a number of years and it shows in the features of the product. It has the ability to analyze images and movie files, to find nudity and to prioritize the files for review by the user. This in invaluable for quick review of hundreds of thousands of files on computers, and takes away the need for a lot of manual review. A number of other search patterns include internet activity history, hidden files of various types, documents etc. There are several other drive cleaners available but many claim to have advanced analysis features similar to those in Snitch, that they do not seem to have, probably to maintain their market share. A free drive cleaner demo for Snitch is available here.

Another drive cleaner product is called Media Detective, and it is similar to Snitch in many ways. Both feature what they call 'intelligent' analysis of media files including pictures and videos, and there is also a free downloadable demo from the Media Detective website. Download and compare for yourself.

A third product in the disk cleaner genre is called PinPoint Auditor. A relatively new product, this seems to be targeted at enterprise installations and is intended for scanning large enterprise networks of workstations from a central location. A range of enterprise functions are encapsulated in the software and set it apart from the domestic tools through added robustness and specialized network functionality. PinPoint Auditor does not have a free downloadable demo, so for further information the vendor must be contacted through their website directly.

Several other software products are available, offering a partial set of the functionality available in the above mentioned tools. Most do not offer free demos of the full version products, I am generally wary of such products, as they seem shy about showing their capabilities before you pay for them. Only allow trusted tools to restore a clean computer.

Always take the time to download and test any products you intend purchasing, and compare them with other similar products prior to outlaying your money. Good luck!

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