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Fidelity - User Opinions and Reviews

"Moving to Fidelity was the smartest thing I have ever done. Previously, I was with UBS, what a horror story. While UBS is a fine firm, their commissions and fees are totally outrageous!"
Estorge - Louisiana, USA (Oct-2006)

"I had a bad experience with Fidelity about four years ago, when they upped their trading fees. Called them to complain, said I was a loyal customer with significant income potential, and asked if they could waive fee increase for me. No can do. So I basically said 'You've upped your fees? Well, truly, up yours'. Switched to TD Waterhouse, Fidelity lost a lot of income by upsetting me. TD Waterhouse now bought out and I see subtle signs of deteriorating value. Thinking of going back to Fidelity, but I hold grudges and have a long memory."
Chet - Hawaii, USA (Jun-2006)

"You couldn't be more wrong, Scottrade does not route 100% of it's orders through nite but they do have an agreement with them as do most firms. It's clear to me that you have never worked for a firm or you would have never posted something so stupid. Second, unless you dealing with a large firm that has inventory your stock may not be available to short."
Frank - Pennsylvania, USA (Jan-2006)

"Have been dealing with them for 35 years. A++ service in all aspects."
Buff Smith - USA (Dec-2005)

"I see a lot of people offering to buy or sell stocks at from $3 to $7 and somewhere in between. When you begin to inquire you discover they want a minimum amount to open an account. Fidelity is established....I don't know these other turkeys. Even if my online trades are $19.95, am I not safer with an established firm.....isn't it possible that a group wanting $5000 to start to sell for $3 could go bellyup? It is true...'Everybody has their hand out...palm up.'"
Alva Phillips - Illinois, USA (Oct-2005)

"I have been with many - Edward Jones; Morgan Stanley; TD Waterhouse. I moved to Fidelity after some major bad experiences with the others. Fidelity is superior in price, customer service, internet capability, and ethical behavior."
Lois - New Hampshire, USA (Mar-2005)

"There is not much to comment except: superior service; superior accessibility; excellent pricing. I can truly say there is not one overall company I would ever chose to work with more than Fidelity."
McEnrod - New Hampshire, USA (Mar-2005)

"Scottrade's web service is very bad but @ $7.00 per trade what do you expect. Fidelity is very good but if you trade a lot the fees can eat up your bankroll."
Geoffrey Dean Bunting - Nevada, USA (Feb-2005)

"I have used Fidelity for over a year with complete satisfaction. I recommended them to my brother and father. Fidelity allowed us to 'bundle' our accounts to pay the lowest possible fee schedule. They are great."
Gail - California, USA (Nov-2004)

"Their site is the best that I have worked with so far. I've used Datek, Ameritrade, E-trade and a full service broker. So I'll soon have all my accounts under watchful eye at Fidelity. Cost of trading at $8."
Tim Keinath - USA (Nov-2004)

"I have owned a couple of Fidelity funds for over 10 years. I started day trading with Fidelity about 7 months ago and am very pleased with their setup."
Martin Savage - Texas, USA (Nov-2004)