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Schwab - User Comments and Reviews

"Excellent low cost service, useful research, easy to negotiate website."
David Gillespie - Missouri, USA (Apr-2005)

"F*** Chuck! When they decided to screw the little guy, whom they had always promised "No Fees!", people like me paid to close accounts before having very big fees added. Now I am happily with Scottrade, have seen a zero added to my account and am laughing at Schwab. I only make a few trades a day since time Schwab ripped me off. They will never have another penny of my money. They are lying to you."
Tomislav Martinovic - Croatia (May-2006)

"I am delighted with Schwab's comprehensiveness and ease of use. Schwab's rating of stocks is a helpful point of departure, and reseach information is easily accessible. Telephone assistance when needed is competent and courteous."
David Gillespie - Missouri, USA (Apr-2005)

"Schwab has made two serious errors. 1st on my Roth IRA they posted my 2003 contribution to 2004. 2nd on my joint (non IRA account, when Suntrust bought NCF they gave me cash instead of stock which I had requested by returning the appropriate form by return mail. Because of these 2 errors I am moving my accounts."
Judith Hauser - North Carolina, USA (Mar-2005)

"Very helpful. Very responsible with my money. Reasonable access to information based on my moderate investment portfolio. I like the fact that Schwab is back at the helm. I use their internet banking services. They do not make mistakes. Trades are handled efficiently."
Joellen Davis - California, USA (Jan-2005)